* Service of the Central Fersay: Monday to Friday recepcionan orders until 19: 30h, being able to extend maximum 5 lines to 20h.
Novelty! Saturdays from 16 January, 2016 exclusive reception of orders via the web until 12: 30h (except holidays and August) 
Monday with delivery throughout the day to customers peninsula supplied from our headquarters in Madrid.

Express delivery: Delivery to the following morning. 1st time in capital and throughout the morning in populations or refund payment orders. 24-48h rest of Europe.

24-48h delivery: Delivery within 24 to 48h (Spain and Portugal)

Pallet delivery: 24 to 48h in mainland.

* Canary Fersay Service: Monday to Friday recepcionados orders until 15: 30h will be delivered the next day through our transportation agencies.
Collection service orders in our facilities, by indicating when ordering may pick from 9 to 14 and from 17 to 19h from Monday to Friday.

* Service Fersay Alicante: Monday to Friday We receive orders until 19pm, being able to extend maximum 5 lines to 19: 30h.

Express delivery: Delivery to the following morning. 1st time in capital and throughout the morning in populations or refund payment orders.

24-48h delivery: Delivery within 24 to 48 hours

Pallet delivery: 24 to 48h

Call Monday through Friday:

Central Fersay hours from 8: 15h to 21h. Monday to Friday - Phone 918 792 545 E-mail: info@fersay.com

Hours Fersay in Canary from 8:15 to 19: 15h. Monday to Friday - Phone 922 958 377 E-mail: solucionesfersaycanarias@fersay.com

Horaio Fersay in Alicante from 8:15 to 20: 30h. Monday to Friday - Phone 965 152 048 E-mail: alicante@soel.com

You can benefit from free delivery exceeding certain consumption provided that the good is shipped by our transport agency, please contact your sales area or our call center for information.

All shipments not exceeding 35 kilos of displacement can be sent by courier,
if they pass these measures, we have to send it paletería and fertilizer would be exempt Shipping.

Portes very economical agreed with our transportation agencies, which for your convenience, we include invoice.
As long as the client indicates in advance, they can send orders to pick your shipping agent.

The only orders without bearings are not eligible for credits of freight to month.

Operations with special rates and not counted for payment of freight, are also excluded purchases crystals ceramic glass hob and complete. Orders refund, we make a 3% cash discount on your bill, since they are exempt from all the above points.

Both the sending parcels as paletería will be charged to use and compelling reason or displacement.

37 years of experience solely dedicated to the distribution in more than thirty countries.

Over 140.000 products STOCK High Quality that make it easier for professional supply through this vast and comprehensive range.

The best catalogs and information constantly updated so you always up to date. You will always be informed of the new products we constantly receive.

Genuine Parts, in brown and white goods range: Vestel, Philips, Thomson, Grundig, Eldor, Orega, Awi, Electrolux Group (Electrolux, Zanussi, Corberó, AEG, Tornado, ...) Group Whirlpool (Whirlpool, Ignis, Philips, Bauknecht, ...) BSH Group (Balay, Bosch, Siemens, Lynx ...) Group Merloni (Ariston, Indesit, Hot Point, ...) Sightseeing Group (Otsein, Candy, Hoover, ...) always highest quality in all products.

Accessories and small appliances under its own brand Fersay addition of brands such as Philips and Jata, Oster, Foodsaver, Breville, Bionaire, Panasonic, Braun, Moulinex, Rowenta, Tefal, Delonghi, Dirt Devil. Utensils and pots with brands like Bra, Magefesa and Jata.

Through our web platform you can see stock prices and 24 hours. And you can manage your technical questions directly through our website, you will also see once registered personalized promotions and offers for you.

General conditions of sale

General conditions of sale

- Any order automatically implies full acceptance of our general conditions of sale, although other provisions contained in the general conditions of purchase of our customers.

- All orders must be made through our www.fersay.com page otherwise we are not responsible for errors that may occur or the service provided by misinterpretation.

- FERSAY-GRUPO ETCO not responsible for the misuse and / or malware that can be done with the material acquired through our firm.

- Very cheap Portes including invoice directly, charged per kilo or displacement. In addition we offer different delivery options.

- In the event of extreme case due to social unrest, adverse weather, strike movements, etc, we will be exempt from liability for late deliveries of orders against such circumstances.

The goods always travel at the buyer's risk from the rising of our facilities. However, the transit agency has insurance covering material breaks packet by mistake. Any failure to receive the package, gross weight, delivery note, bulk in poor condition, etc should efectuarla the carrier directly and notify us, always in the course of 24 hours after delivery of the order, to control if it meets the Quality hired by the agency. Transit agencies do not support claims of breakage or loss of material if done later than 24 hours after delivery of the order as this is stipulated by the insurance companies.

- To register as a client you must present the IAE or any document certifying them as a professional in our industry.

- Our company reserves the right to determine the method of payment: reimbursement, prepaid or debit payment. For opening bank account consultation with the Department. Financial.

After opening it, they send the invoice fortnightly, girándoles bank receipt directly to your account.
Maturities be fixed in 15 days as per invoice date (previously we need to receive the original document SEPA B2B at our facilities). In case of return of a receipt, shall be suspended supply automatically until they pay us the same bank charges included and a surcharge of 6% for each receipt of the total invoice, or failing that, a minimum of 15 € in expenses of handling debt recovery. The payment of these invoices will always be by cash refund or transfer to the bank accounts provided by our financial department. The delay in payments generate an interest in our favor as the rate published last month by the European Central Bank (ECB) plus 7% per annum on the nominal debt from the day of notification until the time of payment of such debt, according to changes introduced by Law 15/2010 of July 5 of Law 3/2004, already mentioned, of combating late payments in commercial transactions. In case of repetition in the return receipt and the refusal of our bank to receive these documents, we will be forced to change the form of payment on delivery, corresponding notice to our customers.

- The material will be sold our property until full payment is finally made. Any complaint about the order, does not stop in any case the payment.

- We do not accept returns of material, once out of our company, except in the case of a clearly demonstrable abnormality. If found appropriate, we would admit only to process such return if the material remains in the same condition it was sent.

Please always check the goods at the same time it is received and that any claim must be made only 5 days after receipt of material (24 hours if it is broken or change request items) FERSAY-GRUPO ETCO reserves the right Acceptance of requests for changes of materials, if accepted, will contact Authorization Number from writing and it will be exchanged for the same product type and the same number and should reach us in perfect condition and carriage paid within a maximum period a week.

No changes to electrical or electronic equipment is allowed.

- In the event of agreement to give us back a commodity, provided that the requirements of section are met, and will exchange only collect or pay you if you wear our authorization number must first ask and do it clearly on the outside of the package. FERSAY-GRUPO ETCO not be responsible for any package unless accompanied by such authorization number without which it would be rejected and refused again, being the buyer who cover the cost of the second shipment. If after the appropriate checks everything is correct, our agency will proceed to the collection of the goods carriage paid to you and due to us, except anomalies outside our company in which case the expenses will not be at our expense.

- Guarantee conditions of the items (only if it can demonstrate that it is defect origin and our technical laboratory authorized) all our products are of total quality, used by professionals throughout Europe. The guarantee will be provided only limited change of defective goods from our suppliers. The original components are not guaranteed exchange, except in cases concerned a complete series recognized as defective by the manufacturer.

FERSAY - GRUPO ETCO be held liable in such a case. Only in the case of finished products (rather than components and accessories) these products will have 1 or 2 year guarantee or stipulating marked accordingly.
However before any incident or doubt the proper functioning of our products, they must fill in a form that our Department. Customer Service will facilitate them to do to reach our laboratory, where technicians will come to study and reply as soon as possible. In the event of consignment of equipment to our lab for analysis must come prepaid compensable possibly later.

- The only established in all respects to the conditions listed above, rests solely with the jurisdiction of the courts of Alcala de Henares (Madrid).

- A reminder that we can manage them the search and location of any new product not yet have in stock, thanks to our agile Department of queries..

- Due to the dynamism and complexity of our industry, we can give prices are only valid at the moment of the consultation - may change at any time and without notice - given the high number of daily entries.

On our website you can check whether it is available as the MSRP of each item and its cost. Given the continuing developments to which they are subjected our items, all images contained in our catalogs, website or other information element should be understood as guidance and never as a true reflection of the product. Likewise, all the features of our products are subject to be changed without notice.

We recommend that you consult your parts / accessories by brand, model and source code. If in doubt consult our Department. Specialized.

-. Our Customer Service Department is available to provide few catalogs or product information needed as well as our Technical Department which will solve all your queries..

- Our area delegates will inform you about the options most appropriate to your needs rapells semester and discounts in force always commensurate with the volume of orders.

- Our area delegates are not allowed to carry material collected, but made through transit agency prior order of FERSAY-GRUPO ETCO for further evaluation and appropriate solution.

- Under no circumstances claims will be accepted past 5 calendar days from the date of receipt of the request; in the case of material shortages will only be valid if made within 24 hours of receipt (as we must check stocks), as well as breaks or changes by customer error always come prepaid and No. . prior authorization.

They -Aparecerán on our website directed to the public that we consider customers who use our products, or otherwise repaired with them to the end consumer can buy in establishments indicate that page or take them to repair, ensuring consumer end quality of our brand, as all our products are of high quality. See our Department. Customer Service, in case you are interested.

- The Pictures from our website and in our catalogs are approximate. They can change at any time by the manufacturer without notice.